Launch of new funds help Kori Construction build better lives


Kori Construction is pledging to help build better lives for the people in its hometown and those who live and work around its developments by launching an annual fund aimed at charities and community groups in Corby, as well as setting aside £2,500 for small infrastructure projects around each of its developments.

The idea is the brainchild of Elaine Kendall, Kori’s Head of Sustainability and Communications, who was featured in the NFB’s 2023 list of Top 100 Most Influential Women in Construction.

Elaine joined the Northamptonshire contractor in September last year with a brief to maximise the Social Return on Investment from every development Kori Construction is involved in.

Having implemented strategies to achieve this, she is now building on the work the company already does with the launch of the two new funds.

Elaine said: “At Kori, we believe that construction doesn’t stop with creating a new building. Buildings, after all, are all about people – the people who will live in them, work in them, and live around them. They have a huge impact on people’s lives.

“Our philosophy is to always maximise the positive impact of our developments as far as we possibly can. When I first came to work at Kori, our aim was centred on achieving a 25% Social Return on Investment for each individual project. But with the launch of these funds, we’re extending what we can achieve and making a real and tangible difference to local communities.”

The £2,500 funding, which will be part of each individual scheme Kori is appointed to, will provide support for community-based activities or projects aligned to Kori’s sustainability strategy, to promote inclusion and positive change, strengthen communities or safeguard the world.

The fund created for Corby extends to £10,000 each year, and will be allocated in two sums of £5,000 to worthy local charities or community groups.

Jordan Connachie, Managing Director of Kori Construction, said that the company had always been a keen supporter of its hometown and as it had grown as a business, the directors wanted the town to share in their success.

He said: “Although we now have a national footprint in terms of our developments, we are very proud of our roots in Corby. Many of our employees live in Corby and our name, Kori, dates back to the first settlers who created the beginnings of a town here.

“We’re launching this fund to help make a small difference to the lives of local people and we’re looking forward to being more involved with many of the fantastic volunteer groups in and around the area.”

For further information about the Kori Community Fund, please visit: Kori Community Fund