Kori Community Fund

As a responsible contractor, with extensive experience of working in local communities, we understand that a project is not just ‘bricks and mortar’ and that it is an important opportunity to help enrich the lives of local people.


We have therefore established the Kori Community Fund to provide financial support to local community projects and good causes, building upon the success of the fundraising and support we already provide locally, to give back further.

Through the Kori Community Fund, we are committed to distributing the following funds to support community-based activities or projects to make a real and tangible difference and help build better lives for the people in both our hometown of Corby, and those who live and work around our developments:


The Kori Community Fund will support projects that aim to address one or more of the following:


Tackle disadvantage or social exclusion

Enhance and promote the wellbeing of local people

Reduce local crime

Increase biodiversity and wildlife in the community through the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat

Take action to tackle climate change



Funding decisions will be made by a diverse panel of Kori employees who have committed to giving their time to review applications to assess grants and award funding to applications that are aligned to Kori’s sustainability strategy to promote inclusion and positive change, strengthen communities and safeguard our world.
Full terms and conditions, and details of how to apply for the Kori Community Fund can be accessed here:

Kori CORBY Community Fund Application Form

Kori PROJECT Community Fund Application Form