Red Nose Day fun!


Celebrating the return of Red Nose Day, everyone in the business was encouraged to complete 5k on an exercise bike that we had brought into the office.  Not only did this enable us to raise some money for Red Nose Day, the miles accumulated were also knocked off the total that we’re aiming to notch-up for our charity of the year, the Lakelands Hospice in Corby.

The Lakelands Hospice carries out vital work supporting patients with cancer, heart failure, and other life-limiting illnesses in Northamptonshire.  Our aim is to raise £20,220 for the charity by May 2023, by completing 2022 miles over a range of events and activities including runs, walks, cycling and swimming.

This year, Red Nose Day was raising money for people directly affected by the cost of living crisis, the drought in East Africa and the Turkey Earthquake relief efforts.

By supporting this and the Lakelands Hospice, we’re trying to provide what help we can to people on a local, national, and international scale.