Optimising social value is a huge part of every project


Optimising social value is a hugely important part of every project we undertake here at Kori Construction.  We achieve this by identifying the aspects of each development that will return the greatest social value, set transparent targets to deliver against, and continually measure our progress and refine our approach.  Aspects of a scheme we would typically look at would include spend in the local economy, number of employees being paid the real minimum wage, wellbeing programmes delivered, and the environmental impact.

Above is an infographic highlighting the amount of social value generated by our Lady Jane Court project, a 60 bedroom care home in Leicestershire delivered on behalf of Avery Healthcare.  This is a snapshot of a full report looking at the social value generate by the project, which we create each month for every development we work on.  (Click here to view in full)

As you can see, the total social value generated was just short of £1.5m, which represented a Social Return on Investment of 32.54%. This far exceeds the industry average of 19.55%.  85% of that was spent in the local economy, creating two new local jobs, and supporting more than 800 local young people via careers guidance.

This is great, but we’re always pushing to do more. That’s why we appointed Elaine Kendall as our Head of CSR earlier this year.  Elaine’s job is to ensure we derive the maximum amount of social value we can out of each of our developments

Elaine said: “Working at Kori Construction has demonstrated to me how committed the business is to making a different in the communities in which we work.  Optimising social value is as much a priority as delivering a first class product to the client on time and on budget, which gives me the space to find new and innovative ways to generate the highest social return on investment we can.”