National Careers Week – Highlighting Careers at Kori


This week, for National Careers Week, we’re highlighting the variety of careers available in the construction industry, and here at Kori.

Every project begins in the pre-construction stage with the pre-construction team. Once a tender opportunity is received, an Estimator reviews the information and begins drafting an initial price by obtaining inquiries from our supply chain. The pre-construction team then compiles a response to the project opportunity, outlining the construction proposals and answering quality questions to demonstrate the company’s capability to the client.

‘I’m involved in everything from initial engagement with the client through to securing the project and helping to get the job off the ground. A large part of this is making sure the construction team is fully aware of everything that’s been agreed in the pre-construction phase and is able to comprehensively plan around that.’  Tony Robinson, Pre-Construction Director.

Once a project is secured, the scheme is handed over to a site team. At Kori, all schemes are overseen by the Head of Construction, and each individual scheme is managed by a Contracts Manager, with support from a Project Manager, Site Manager, and Assistant Site Manager in some instances. The site team is responsible for the overall running of the site, and this includes:

  • Leading and motivating the whole project team.
  • Monitoring the work of subcontractors to progress construction works.
  • Ensuring the design, budget, and desired quality are maintained.
  • Identifying and mitigating construction risks.
  • Adhering to all health and safety requirements on site.


Quantity Surveyors and Design Managers also contribute to the construction stage. Quantity Surveyors are responsible for placing orders with suppliers to procure materials and services and managing the overall project costs.

Apprentice Quantity Surveyor Jack said, ‘As an apprentice with Kori, my key responsibilities include preparing tenders and evaluating bids from subcontractors, monitoring project costs, and procurement of materials and services. 

I’m a huge advocate for apprenticeships – they offer hands-on experience, specialised training and tailored mentorship. I’m hoping that having done an apprenticeship, I’ll find transitioning to full-time employment a lot easier as I’m already cultivating industry-specific knowledge and building a valuable network – plus they don’t come with all the extra student debt!’

Design Managers, meanwhile, often work on projects from the tender stage, reviewing buildability and finding solutions to design-related risks. Kori’s Design Managers also collaborate with project managers, architects, and engineers during the construction phase to oversee the development of drawings and specifications, ensuring the information complies with relevant building codes and standards, and meets the clients’ requirements.

Also operating throughout the project lifecycle are Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality teams. Kori’s Head of HSEQ’s primary aim is to ensure construction activities demonstrate best practice and comply with industry regulations. This includes collaborating with site teams to undertake inspections and monitor company performance as well as advising on issues and investigating accidents as necessary. The quality function of this role comprises establishing and monitoring quality procedures and standards to ensure a high-quality product is handed over to the client upon completion.

The E in HSEQ stands for Environmental. Kori has a dedicated Head of Sustainability & Communications, Elaine Kendall, who is responsible for the implementation of environmental initiatives. This role also encompasses the identification of social value and community engagement opportunities and their implementation on-site, as explained by Elaine, ‘My role is to act as the company’s conscience. I develop measurable strategies aimed at optimising the long-term societal, ethical, and environmental benefits of all of the business’s activities. The strategies I develop are data-driven and measurable which means the business can benchmark its performance and always strive to improve.

One day, I might be exhibiting at a careers fair or delivering careers talks or workshops to youngsters, promoting the inclusive career opportunities available at Kori Construction and in the wider construction sector. The next day, I might be on site working with a project team to develop a resource management plan, carbon reduction plan or social value targets, or hosting a site tour for young people in the area.’

Lastly, no construction project would run successfully without the office and administration teams working in the background, including Office Managers, Receptionists, and Accountants.

At Kori, we are always on the lookout for bright, talented people, so if any of these roles sound appealing, please get in touch at opportunities@koriconstruction.com.