Full marks for #TeamKori!


We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that our scheme in Harpenden – a high quality 63-bedroom care home – has scored 45 out of 45 in the Considerate Constructors Scheme.  This is the first time the business has achieve a perfect score and we couldn’t be more proud of the project team.

The CCS report – which is the first of two for this site – praised the extensive activities undertaken to support the community, enhance biodiversity and support underprivileged groups. It noted the ‘strong arrangements’ on site to management environmental risks, efforts by Kori Construction to reduce carbon emissions, and the training we provide in relation to carbon and climate change.

It also praised the fair treatment, health, wellbeing, and the welfare of our workforce, and our arrangements covering our commitment to EDI and modern slavery.  The report states: “Considering the size and stage of project an impressive level of performance achieved against criteria set out in CCS CODE.  Site appearance, arrangements to engage with neighbours, workforce presentation, and workforce behaviour have all been considered.”

Kori Construction managing director, Jordan Connachie, described the result as a fantastic achievement.  He said: “Achieving full marks on the first CCS report for this site is a huge feather in the cap of the project team at Harpenden, and for the wider ethos and values of the business.  Our aim is to build a company that does more than just create fantastic developments, but one that is a force for good in everything that we do, from enhancing the communities in which we work to helping restore biodiversity and reduce carbon emissions. Results like this one show we are on the right track to achieving this.”

Kori Construction is developing the scheme on behalf of leading care provider Porthaven Care Homes.