Digital transformation gathers pace with Head of IT appointment


Kori has appointed a Head of IT to spearhead the business’s ongoing digital transformation.

Anthony Francis, 43, brings 24 years of digital experience to the East Midlands company, including stints in the legal and construction sectors.

In his new role, Anthony is aiming to significantly reduce the administrative burden within business via effective enterprise resource planning (ERP), as well as optimising cyber security to ensure all business and client data is safely stored.

His work will also enable Kori Construction to utilise project data more effectively to make better future decisions, and track the carbon emissions of both the business and its projects, helping to minimise its impact on the environment.

Anthony said he was looking to solve the key pain points his colleagues are facing to help free them up to spend more time delivering frontline services.

He said: “Digital transformation is primarily about increasing back office efficiency to support the frontline team. If we can help them to do their jobs as best they can, they can focus on providing an exception experience to clients.

“In this respect, data is king. Data enables us to understand our processes on a deeper level and bring this understanding to our work. It enables us to make better decisions going forward and ultimately, provide a better service to clients.”

He added optimising cyber security was another vital part of the digital transformation journey, as was looking at ways to integrate the latest technology into the business, particularly AI.

“AI represents a huge opportunity for construction and as the technology evolves, the possibilities will be almost endless,” he said.

“As part of Kori’s ongoing digital strategy I will be looking at ways to integrate this technology across the business, to help take us to the next level.”

Jordan Connachie, Managing Director of Kori Construction, welcomed Anthony to the team.

He said: “As a business, we have been going through a digital transformation journey over the past couple of years, particularly in relation to financial management.

“However, we reached a point where we needed to bring in specialist expertise to continue that journey.

“Anthony is hugely knowledgeable about all things digital and has been brought on board to ensure we provide the best working environment for our team, that we handle our own data and that of our clients in the most secure way possible, reduce our carbon emissions and integrate new technologies into the business.

“Over time, I believe his work will have a transformative impact on Kori Construction and the service we able to provide to clients.”