Committed to our mantra ‘Delivering Exception, Thinking Differently’ with 4D programs


As part of our mantra of Delivering Exceptional, Thinking Differently, we put as much emphasis on the preconstruction phase of a development as we do the build itself.  With extensive use of 4D programming, we develop detailed construction phase plans that ensure the logistics around a project are as efficient and safe as they can possibly be.

This translates into major benefits for our clients, including more accurate forecasting of project timelines and milestones, as well as cost efficiencies.  It means we go beyond simply scoping and pricing a project during the preconstruction phase, but instead give our clients the clearest possible understanding we can of how the scheme will move forward.

Tony Robinson MCIOB, Director of Kori Construction, says 4D programming plays an integral role in helping us deliver the exceptional.

“Delivering Exceptional, Thinking Differently are not just nice things to say, they are values that guide everything we do,” Tony said.  “This starts from the very beginning of every project, with the most in depth plans we can create to reassure our clients they’re in safe hands.  4D programming is a big part of that as it helps to ensure a site is run at optimal efficiency and that the project is delivered in line with the client’s requirements.”

Check out of our most recent 4D programs below.