Appreciating our employees


At Kori Construction, we live by our brand values of Delivering Exceptional by Thinking Differently.  But we know this is only possible due to the hard work, commitment, and talent of the people we employ.

So today, on Employee Appreciation Day, we want to give a huge shout out to all our staff – #TeamKori.

What an amazing bunch you are – always inquisitive to find better ways of doing things and always delivering on your promises to the best of your abilities.  For this, we thank you one and all.  But we don’t just confine appreciation of our employees to a single day. We try our best to do it every day. And by doing so, we have racked up some impressive stats including the fact that over the past three years, our staff retention rate has been above 90% and despite the pandemic, our workforce has tripled since 2020.  We’re delighted with these results.

However, they don’t come by accident. We try to support our staff with initiatives such as hybrid working and by ensuring the Senior Management Team is always approachable.  Employee well-being, safety, and mental health are also major priorities and measures are in place to ensure all staff can access support services around these issues whenever they need to.

Jordan Connachie, managing director, describes our employees as the lifeblood of the company.  “We have tried to create a culture that enables people to optimise personal and professional growth,” he said.  “They have repaid us many times over with their determination, hard work and talent and that, we believe, is Kori’s true winning formula.”