An Extensive Rebrand!


SAC Construction Ltd, has become Kori Construction Ltd as part of an extensive rebranding process undertaken to help support its growth plans.

The business has been on a rapid upward trajectory in years, moving from a turnover of £2m in 2016 to a forecasted turnover of £40m in 2022.

The name change marks the start of a new phase of growth for the company as it continues to build on recent successes towards becoming one of the UK’s leading contractors.

Managing Director, Jordan Connachie, said Kori Construction wanted to recognise and celebrate its roots in Corby because the business is growing beyond its traditional Northamptonshire heartland to bring forward projects on a national basis. But the town remains the home of the business and many of its staff, he said, and stills plays a large and important role in shaping the company’s culture and values.

Jordan said: “We worked with a market-leading construction branding agency as part of the rebrand process and they have helped us create an exceptional brand that reflects the future direction of the business. But when it came to the name, we took a simpler approach. We went on the Wikipedia page about Corby and found that the first settlers here dated back to the 8th century and were Danish. They were led by someone called Kori so the first name for Corby was ‘Kori’s by’, which translates to Kori’s settlement. As soon as we learned this, we all agreed Kori Construction was a great name for the business. On the one hand it is a modern sounding name befitted of a modern, innovative and ambitious main contracting business. On the other, it reaches right back to the beginnings of Corby, the town we’re very proud to have come from.”

Kori Construction was founded in 2009 by director Steve Culbert. The business works across later living, multi-room, life sciences and commercial sectors, and employs 34 people.

Steve said the name change and branding had reinvigorated the business.

“It’s been really positively received by staff and clients, I love it. We’re celebrating our roots as a business while at the same time growing and pushing forward. The new name and branding captures that brilliantly. The business has been built on creating the best teams, thinking differently to our competitors and delivering the exceptional for our clients. Those are our real USPs. We’re confident that those values, combined with the new image, is going to help us implement our future growth plans for the business.”